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Brother TN-340C Toner

Brother TN-340C Toner
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Brother TN-340C Toner
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  • Duty Cycle: 1500 Pages
  • Print Technology; Laser
  • Color: Cyan
  • Weight: 900 Grams
Printer Features
Duty Cycle 1500 Pages
Print Technology Laser
Color Cyan
Weight 900 Grams

Brother TN-340C Toner

Brother TN-340C Toner is a vital component in the world of laser printing, designed to deliver high-quality cyan prints with remarkable efficiency. With a duty cycle of 1500 pages, this toner cartridge ensures that users can accomplish a substantial volume of printing tasks before requiring a replacement. This feature is particularly advantageous for both home and office settings where consistent and reliable printing is essential. In terms of print technology, the TN-340C utilizes laser printing, a method renowned for its precision and speed. Laser technology is celebrated for its ability to produce sharp, clear text and vibrant images, making it suitable for a variety of printing needs, from professional documents to colorful graphics. The cyan color of this toner adds a dynamic element to its functionality, contributing to the creation of vivid and true-to-life prints. The 900-gram weight signifies a substantial amount of toner, further emphasizing the TN-340C's capacity to handle considerable printing tasks without compromising on quality. The Brother TN-340C is engineered to seamlessly integrate into compatible Brother laser printers, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. This user-friendly design is aimed at providing a smooth printing experience, reducing downtime and enhancing overall productivity. Whether you're producing business reports, presentations, or colorful marketing materials, the TN-340C is up to the task. Its compatibility with various paper types and sizes adds versatility to its repertoire, catering to a range of printing requirements. In conclusion, the Brother TN-340C Toner stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for those seeking high-quality cyan prints. Its impressive duty cycle, laser print technology, and user-friendly design make it a valuable asset for individuals and businesses alike, ensuring that your printed materials consistently meet the standards of excellence.

Brother TN-340C Toner Features

  • Vibrant Cyan Color: The toner is specifically designed to produce a rich and vibrant cyan color, ensuring that your printed documents and images exhibit high-quality and true-to-life hues.
  • Laser Print Technology: Utilizing advanced laser print technology, this toner cartridge delivers sharp and crisp prints. Laser technology ensures precision in printing, making it suitable for both text and graphics.
  • Duty Cycle of 1500 Pages: With a duty cycle of up to 1500 pages, this toner cartridge is well-suited for both home and office use. It provides a reliable and consistent performance over a significant number of pages, minimizing the frequency of replacements.
  • Optimal Weight of 900 Grams: Weighing 900 grams, this toner cartridge is built to meet high-quality standards. The optimal weight contributes to the overall stability and functionality of the cartridge, ensuring smooth printing operations.

Brother TN-340C Toner Price In BD

Brother TN-340C Toner is a high-quality printing solution designed to deliver vibrant and professional-looking cyan color prints. Specifically engineered for laser printers, this toner cartridge is part of Brother's reliable and efficient printing technology. With a duty cycle of 1500 pages, the TN-340C is well-suited for both home and office environments, providing users with a considerable volume of prints before requiring replacement. This feature contributes to cost-effectiveness and minimizes the frequency of cartridge changes, enhancing overall productivity.

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