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Kisonli LED-800B Portable Bluetable Speaker

Kisonli  Kisonli LED-800B Speaker & Home Theater
Kisonli  Kisonli LED-800B Speaker & Home Theater
Kisonli  Kisonli LED-800B Speaker & Home Theater
Kisonli  Kisonli LED-800B Speaker & Home Theater
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Product modelKisonli LED-800B
Kisonli LED-800B Portable Bluetable Speaker
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Basic Information
Battery 1800MAH
Frequency response 160Hz-16KHz
Power 5W*2
Warranty Information
Warranty No Warranty

Kisonli LED-800B Portable Bluetable Speaker

The "Kisonli LED-800B Portable Bluetable Speaker" as it appears to be a product released after my knowledge cutoff. However, I can provide you with some general information about portable Bluetooth speakers and what features you might expect from a product like this.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker: A portable Bluetooth speaker is a compact and wireless audio device that connects to various devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers using Bluetooth technology. It allows you to play music, podcasts, or other audio content without the need for a wired connection, making it convenient for outdoor activities, travel, or simply moving around the house.

LED Lights: The "LED" in the product name suggests that this speaker likely features LED lights, which can add visual flair and ambiance to your listening experience. LED lights in portable speakers often come in various colors and may sync with the music's rhythm or offer customizable lighting options.

Additional Features: Depending on the specific model, the Kisonli LED-800B Portable Bluetooth Speaker may have various additional features, such as:

  • Battery Life: Information about the battery capacity and estimated playtime per charge.
  • Speaker Power and Sound Quality: Details about the speaker's power output and audio performance.
  • Connectivity Options: Besides Bluetooth, it may also offer options for wired connections, such as an AUX-in port or a microSD card slot.
  • Controls: Buttons or touch-sensitive controls for volume adjustment, playback, and LED light settings.
  • Portability: Information about the speaker's size, weight, and any carrying handles or straps.
  • Water Resistance: Some portable speakers come with water-resistant or waterproof features, suitable for outdoor use or poolside entertainment.

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