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Micropack MS-213 Black USB Speaker

Micropack MS-213 Black USB Speaker
Micropack MS-213 Black USB Speaker
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Micropack MS-213 Black USB Speaker
Micropack MS-213 Black USB Speaker
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Product modelMS-213
1 Year
Micropack MS-213 Black USB Speaker
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Sound Features
Cable Length 1.35M
Connectivity Wired
Frequency 180Hz-20KHz
Type Regular
Impedance 4ohm
Color Black
Dimensions 75 x 95 x 183mm
Power Power Supply : USB 5V
Material ABS
Others Output Interface : 3.5mm jack, USB
Channel : 2:0
RMS/Channel (Watt) : 3Watt x 2
Signal to Noise Ratio (dB) : 70dB
Product size:75*95*180mm
Speaker:2.5''* 2
Warranty Information
Warranty 1 Year

Micropack MS-213 Black USB Speaker

The 2.0 Channel Wired Speaker in a sleek black color, designed by Xtech, brings impressive audio performance in a compact and stylish package. With a cable length of 1.35 meters, this speaker easily connects to your devices for an enhanced audio experience.Equipped with a frequency range of 180Hz-20KHz, these speakers reproduce sound with remarkable clarity across various audio frequencies. Whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, you can expect immersive audio.The speaker set features a 2.5-inch speaker unit for each channel, providing a total RMS power of 6 watts (3 watts per channel). This ensures that your audio is not only loud but also clear, making it perfect for a variety of multimedia applications.The Xtech 2.0 Channel Wired Speaker is powered via a USB 5V connection, making it convenient to power up from your computer, laptop, or any compatible USB power source. This eliminates the need for a separate power adapter.With its built-in 3.5mm audio jack and USB port, this speaker is compatible with a wide range of devices, including laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and more. You can easily connect and enjoy your favorite audio content with ease.Made from high-quality ABS material, these speakers are not only durable but also designed to complement your workspace or entertainment area. The compact dimensions of 75 x 95 x 183mm make them suitable for both desktop and portable use.The Xtech 2.0 Channel Wired Speaker offers a signal-to-noise ratio of 70dB, ensuring minimal distortion and a crisp, clear sound output. This speaker set provides an excellent audio solution for personal or small-group listening.

In summary, the Xtech 2.0 Channel Wired Speaker delivers impressive audio quality, convenient connectivity options, and a stylish design. Whether you're working, relaxing, or enjoying multimedia entertainment, these speakers are a reliable choice backed by a 1-year warranty. Elevate your audio experience with this affordable and versatile speaker system.

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