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Value Top VT-AX400 Real 400W Output Power Supply

Value Top VT-AX400 Real 400W Output Power Supply
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Product modelVT-AX400
Value Top VT-AX400 Real 400W Output Power Supply
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Power Supply
Certification 85 Plus Bronze Black Certified
Connector 4 x SATA connector 4 x IDE connector
Continuous Power 400 Watt
CPU 1 x 8(4+4) Pin EPS 12V
Current 2.5A
Fan Size 120mm
Modular Type ATX 12V 2.4
Others Total Power: 300W
AC Input : 100V-240VAC
DC Output: 400W
PSU Form Factor: ATX
Maximum Load: 40 to 60 %
Voltage 100-240 VAC
Warranty Information
Warranty 1 Year Of Warranty.

Value Top VT-AX400 Real 400W Output Power Supply

Value Top VT-AX400 is a reliable and budget-friendly power supply unit designed to meet the basic power needs of your desktop computer. With its 85 Plus Bronze Black certification, it ensures efficiency and stable power delivery while keeping your system components safe.One of the key features of this power supply is its 400-watt continuous power output. This is sufficient for most standard desktop configurations, including office workstations and basic gaming rigs. It provides enough power to run your CPU, GPU, storage drives, and other peripherals without any issues.The VT-AX400 comes equipped with a range of connectors to accommodate various components. It includes 4 SATA connectors and 4 IDE connectors, allowing you to connect multiple storage drives, optical drives, and other peripherals. Additionally, it features a single 8(4+4) Pin EPS 12V CPU connector, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of motherboards.Cooling is essential for any power supply unit to maintain optimal performance and longevity. The Value Top VT-AX400 is equipped with a 120mm fan that efficiently dissipates heat and keeps the PSU operating within safe temperature ranges. This fan operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful computing environmentWhile this power supply is not modular, meaning that all the cables are permanently attached, it follows the ATX 12V 2.4 standard, ensuring compatibility with most modern computer cases and motherboards. The 85 Plus Bronze Black certification signifies that it operates with good energy efficiency, reducing energy waste and lowering your electricity bill.The VT-AX400 offers a wide input voltage range of 100V-240VAC, making it suitable for use in various regions with different power standards. It also features a maximum load range of 40% to 60%, ensuring stability and efficient power delivery even during demanding tasks.Value Top provides a 1-year warranty for this power supply, offering peace of mind and assurance of its quality and reliability.In conclusion, the Value Top VT-AX400 is a straightforward and budget-friendly power supply unit that is ideal for users with basic computing needs. Its 400W continuous power output, efficiency, and range of connectors make it a suitable choice for building or upgrading your desktop PC without breaking the bank.

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