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Zebra Color Ribbon ZXP Series 7

Zebra Zebra Color Ribbon
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Zebra Color Ribbon ZXP Series 7
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Part no: 800077-742EM/800077-742IN, Ribbon Capacity: 750 Print
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Zebra Color Ribbon ZXP Series 7

The Zebra ZXP Series 7 is a line of professional-grade card printers designed for high-quality and efficient printing of plastic cards, including ID cards, access cards, membership cards, and more. The "Color Ribbon" you're referring to is likely an essential component of this printer used to produce color images and text on the plastic cards.

In card printers like the ZXP Series 7, the color ribbon is a consumable item that contains panels of color (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, commonly referred to as CMYK) as well as a clear protective overlay panel. These ribbons are used in a thermal transfer printing process, where the color panels are heated and transferred onto the card surface.

The process typically involves the following steps:


You design the card layout using specialized software, incorporating text, images, graphics, and other elements.


The ZXP Series 7 printer heats the color panels of the ribbon, transferring the color onto the card surface as it passes through the printing mechanism.


After the color has been applied, the printer applies the clear protective overlay to provide durability and protection to the printed content. This overlay can also have additional security features like holographic elements or UV ink.

Finished Card:

Once the printing and overlay processes are complete, you have a finished plastic card with a high-quality color image and text.

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